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Symmetry, Alibis & Intuition: An Inventory of Choreographic Choices
A book by Reut Shemesh & Matthias Quabbe, Illustrations by Mona Kakanj

With Symmetry, Alibis & Intuition – an Inventory of Choreographic Choices, Reut Shemesh and dramaturg Matthias Quabbe present a book about Reut’s choreographic handwriting combined with vivid illustrations by Mona Kakanj. A wide variety of working methods, thought processes, and procedures are presented in thematic order, creating a ‘toolbox’ that can inspire and frame choreographic work.

Published in 2023, 67 pages, in English language.

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You Cannot Make Mistakes, It’s Art! / What Is My Role as An ‘Artist-Teacher’ Within the Academic Structure? 

Arts Education in Transition
Ästhetische Bildung im Kontext kultureller Globalisierung und Digitalisation

Jane Eschment / Hannah Neumann / Aurora Rodonò / Torsten Meyer (Hrsg.)
Schriftenreihe Kunst Medien Bildung Band 5, München 2020, 390 Seiten

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Photographic Research as part of the #TakeHeartresidency

#TakeHeartresidency @tanzhausnrw
Concept: Reut Shemesh / Photos: Vera Drebusch @kuenstler_innen_portraits / Research assistant: Anna-Luella Zahner

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