21.5. 2022, 19 Uhr: ChoreografinnenTALK with Lenah Flaig as part of First & Further Steps, Fabrik Heeder Krefeld

26.6. 2022: Workshop at the annual conference of the dramaturgical society (Dramaturgische Gesellschaft) 23. – 26.6.2022, TJG, Dresden

9 & 10.8. 2022: ATARA, Suzanne Dellal Centre + Premiere of GOLA 3RD MOVEMENT for the Maslool Dance School, Tel Aviv (IL)

Awarded with the Spitzenförderung 2021 – 2023 (three-year grant) by the state of NRW
Factory Artist at tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf 2020-2022

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Foto oben: Isabel Machado Rios/ Theater Oberhausen