Artist Statement

Dance / Shadows / Cyborgs / Art / Sorrow / Mothers / Symmetry

In recent years, I focused on the identification with societal, religious, and gender stereotypes, especially in the “Women in Uniforms” series, which highlights and celebrates the entire spectrum of expression from cis-gender to queerness.  
COBRA BLONDE (2021) for instance, addresses the representation of traditional carnival celebrations and femininity, while in ULTRA (2023) I explore masculinity and fragility. Alongside these staged explorations, I have a deep interest in experimenting with various artistic mediums:

Art Books 
Video Work

For COBRA BLONDE and LEVIAH (2016) respectively, I produced a photo book and a short film in addition to the performance.

At a very early stage of life, we ossify and reduce ourselves into being just ‚one’ – one body, one or two languages, one gender. Each of us has our official story, one story out of many possible ones, a story that sometimes becomes our prison (…)
To create is to open up the possibility of touching human infinity.“ 
– David Grossman 

My motivation to touch on certain issues starts with my personal biography. 
The piece ATARA looks closely at the lives of female Jewish Orthodox women and is inspired by my own family structure. In the GOLA SeriesI was inspired by my upbringing, taking an active part in many national ceremonies in Israel. However, I am also interested in the stories and experiences made by the collaborators/artists I am involved with. When „visiting” experiences and stories that are foreign to meI have the chance to comprehend others differently. By embodying, or copying a movement or a posture of someone else, one starts to „see” the other better.

Currently, I would like to deepen my work in the following areas: 

Aesthetic Practice / Style / Creation / Research / and Accessibility. 

In particular, I would like to focus on themes of:


Against the backdrop of uniformity. 

In my work, I am exploring the seductive potential of uniforms/uniformity and stereotypes. ESTHER, a production that is to premiere in 2024, aims to explore the self-discovery process of young people and to question the extent to which clothing and uniforms subtly reflect the family background and socio-economic status. I also want to explore the ever-changing roles, social expectations, and responsibilities of motherhood. 

Overall, I want to move away from the strict formality of my earlier pieces towards a more unpolished, expressive, and less formal aesthetic that focuses more on the unconscious and raw emotions that befall us. In my current work ULTRA, I’ve already started to implement some of these ideas.
I want to re-explore the delicate balance between these two poles:

  Expression + Frame

Photos: Vera Drebusch