“In light of the current period, I find myself thinking about the value of life and the tension between life and death. I ask myself whether it is the love for life that drives us forward or the fear of death that has locked us in homes for more than a year?“

Premiere 20.6.2021 Sommerszene Salzburg 2021 / Performance / BODHI PROJECT

TONKY LONKY was commissioned by the BODHI PROJECT dance company, Salzburg

The work is using public confession and absolution to attack, cynically and provocatively the distractive relations of humans with the environment such as the relation to one another. The failed attempt to leash and control the brutality of nature results in irreversible harm that stems from the primary fear of the unexpected and the unknown. By doing so, distorted relations about the individual‘s motives and collective wickedness coming into play.

Based on found footage interviews, Shemesh creates a collage that touches on themes from the bland to the intimate, seeking an aesthetic between minimalism and grotesque. The interviews appear, re-enacted by the six dancers of the BODHI PROJECT in ways of singing and lip-syncing, transforming the text into rhythmical patterns and movements.

Like a pack of hungry wolves, the characters hunt one another and reveal their powerlessness towards disasters, and their inability to embrace the other.


Concept & Choreography: Reut Shemesh
Performance & Creation: BODHI PROJECT:
Anastasis Karachanidis, Andrea Givanovitch,
Dylan Brahim Labiod, Hyaejin Lee,
Kassichana Okene-Jameson, Lucija Romanova
Music Arrangement & Composition: Simon Bauer
Light Concept: Ronni Shendar
Lights: Frank Lischka
Costumes: Celina Mayr

Production: blackmountain/ BODHI PROJECT, SEAD & SZENE Salzburg,

Funded by: Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg, Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport.

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photography © Shemesh