the woman my mother wants me to be like

2018 performance, photography & text

WITNESS is a research project co-produced by tanzhaus nrw, as part of the programme series Ceremony Now! In collaboration with the Tanzgarde der Karnevalsfreunde der katholischen Jugend Düsseldorf. Witness is a result of a conversation with the aesthetic of „Gardetanz”, through the study of the movement repertory and the traditions that lead to its practice. It is a melange of „Gardetanz“ Repertoire and contemporary art, motivated by the desire to develop a common movement language.


Research, concept & Photography: Reut Shemesh
choreography: Reut Shemesh in collaboration with Ulla Gerling
Dance: Lisa Aydin, Eva Bergmann, Laura Bremicker, Nina Bremicker, Katharina Brink, Constanze Fischer, Isabell Flecken, Hannah Lingnau, Nicole Rauh, Janina Schentek, Lisa Schouven
Music: Simon Bauer
Dramaturgy: Daniel Rademacher
Graphics/layout Ronni Shendar 
Management: Sabina Stücker
Financial dramaturgy Bela Bisom/transmissions

Made possible by“WITNESS“ is a project of tanzhaus nrw as part of the programme series Ceremony Now!, sponsored by Kunststiftung NRW, and as part of Take-off: Junger Tanz, sponsored by the Cultural Office of the City of Düsseldorf and the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia

Download WITNESS the book (PDF) 

Previous & upcoming 

Jun 2018 Showing – tanzhaus NRW  
30. August 2018 / International tanzmesse – Open Studio at tanzhaus nrw iDAS NRW

13th Jun 2019, the Opening event of the Impulse theatre festival at tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf (DE) https://www.impulsefestival.de
July 4th, 2019, Museum Kunstpalast Duesseldorf (DE)