I am a strong woman doesn’t love to love, charismatic, individual, creative and controlled

2013 Performance, short film & text

Now, they all want me.I am a strong woman doesn’t love to love, charismatic, individual, creative and controlled, I manage all by myself. I am funny and I want to get married. I use to be a charming silly girl but now I am a crazy, crazy animalistic heavy. I am easy, I do not fear loneliness and I am over it. I am smart and strong, tight and sporty and I know how to feed my needs.  Now, you all touch me. Now, you all look at me, I’m famous, I have a very very poetic personality, I am absolutely into it, I enter and I do not care. Tonight I’ll go out, I have a new strategy, and lots of eyes are going to look at me. Ooo I’m crazy. Now all of you touch me. Once I was poor and miserable but today I’m tough, I know you all want a strong crazy woman. Rrrr  Ill eat you ….

Let’s Catch Tigers is an ode to eight older, Jewish women aged 65 to 75 years-old from Chorweiler, Cologne, who exert a newfound independence and unapologetic attitudes, through choreographed movements and tableaux vivants. The eight women form a sisterhood, taking turns showing off their physical and mental prowess in a decorated living room. They kick off their heels, transform the sofa into a podium, choreograph a traditional, circular dance, and stare in the eye of the camera with direct and unabashed expressions.


Choreography & text Reut Shemesh
Dance and Creation  Uzhva Fanya,  Voskovich Svetlana, Martins Margarita, Galchinskaja Anna, Goldberg Dina , Bourykina Olga,  Celik Esme, Lyidmila Milova
Music Roland Meyer De Voltaire & Nico Stallmann
Scenography Reut Shemesh, Melanja Palitta 
Film Melanja Palitta , Balans LaB & Reut Shemesh
Editing Melanja Palitta

Produced by Reut hemesh, ‘Summerblut Festival 2013’ and the ‘Jewish community Chorweiler Cologne’. Supported by WDR Cosmo tv.

Previous & upcoming performances

May 2013 Sommerblut Festival Orangery theatre Köln

The film

07 November 2014 Marienfelde festival Berlin
16 November 2014 Cagliari Sardinia
July 2014 Radar dance film program ­symposium at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver Canada (CAN)
April 2016 Far Off festival, Cologne
April 2018 Far off festival, Cologne
5th September – 1st October 2019 Neuer Kunstraum, Duesseldorf