Feb. 2015 (KHM project) Performance & Short film 

it's kind of strange but.... sometimes I just want to be something else 

sometimes I want to be 


Wearing a mask–the action of covering/hiding the face–is the core of this movement piece. The figures form and re-form constructed identities through the use of white masks created by Mona Kakanj.  Wildwood Flowers delves into the notion whether self (re)invention is possible. Through the process of unveiling, Wildwood Flowers explores identity in its multitude of forms: gender, race, age, social.

Choreography Reut Shemesh | Dance and creation Susanne Grau, Lisa Kirsch, Liane Loer, Marja Hirvonen, Julia Riera| Assistant Felix Zilles-Perels | Music Nico Stallmann | Masks Mona Kakanj | Dramaturgy Daniel Rademacher | Management Sandra Jasper | Scenography Elisa Balmaceda, Jose Flavio Noriega | Camera & Photography Ronni Shendar | Photography V. Kranak |Photography Phillip Böll |      NY performers Maya Orchin, Schuyler Whittemore, Varina Kranak, Jessica McCarthy 

Length  | 50 min 

Made possible by:  City of Cologne, Cultural department, Atelier Quartier am Hafen, Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Previous & upcoming performances

08. November 2014 Museumsnacht Köln Atelier Quartier am Hafen

20 & 21 & 22 February 2015 Kunsthochschule für Medien, Köln

24, 25, 26 September 2015 TheaterLab New York (NYC)

15. April 2016 Schauspiel Köln/Serpentine event

24. Juni 2016 Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

August 2016 TanzMesse NRW

October 2016 TanzFaktur Cologne

24. September 2016 Hochbunker, Köln Ehrenfeld

18. März 2017 Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck

17. November 2017 Jewish Museum Berlin

01. December 2017 Theater der Keller/ Köln


July 2015 Rundgang KHM

November 2015 PLAY- Video & Performance Festival, Galerie ampersand Köln

September 2016 - Mars 2017 Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck


Theaterlab's Wildwood Flowers, created and choreographed by Reut Shemesh, is a gripping, edgy, and evocative movement piece. This piece, which premiered in Cologne earlier this year, has now been reimagined by Shemesh with New York performers, trying to capture the New York energy by exploring ideas of identity in multitude.

The all-female cast (Verina Kranak, Jessica McCarthy, Maya Orchin, and Schuyler Whittermore) are pushed to their physical and emotional extremes in this demanding work, called upon to form and re-form themselves as different representatives of gender, age, social class, and race. All four dancers wear freakish-looking masks, created by Mona Kakanj, which sometimes seem grotesque, at others sympathetic.  These masks suggest at once a masking and unmasking of the self. Can someone be reinvented as soon as they take off that outer layer of themselves? And what we see underneath, is it attractive and honest and pure? When the masks do come off there is an element of surprise as we see the performers in a fragile, almost frightened form. We see them completely under the control of their ringmaster, the single performer who doesn’t take of her mask.

It is difficult to describe the music of Wildwood Flowers because the rhythm and style are minimalist, almost broken down to singular beats and sounds. And yet, at times there is a lyricism that moves both the dancers and the narrative of the piece towards a new transformation or revelation of another layer -- again an unmasking. The entire space is painted white; the shadows of the performers almost hauntingly give further reference to the idea that there are layers that need to be removed to get to our essential core.

Review: Wildwood Flowers

$20-40 in Manhattan at Sep 26th, 2015