GOLA- A ceremony on behalf of a missing affinity

GOLA is a performance utilizing the form of national ceremonies. National ceremonies are, to large extent, a form of theatre used to transmit a notion of collectivity, alongside grief, victory, pride and above all nationalism. The way in which art, theatre, dance, speech, and narration are misused by certain ideologies to evoke an emotional reaction, is stated strongly in GOLA.  Throughout the work, intertwined elements from national ceremonies, such as flags parried, marching, speech and a hymn, are adapted into a contemporary performative language. The elements, which are largely done in synchronization emphasize the aspect of a collective action. The elements are compulsively repeated by the performers. Throughout the endurance of actions, a certain power standard is given by the group; the performers go on until they can’t continue any longer. The first one to drop is the ‘weak one’. The transition from strength and non-regulated aggression to weakness and despair is slowly revealed throughout the piece. GOLA brings strongly into light how an individual drops out of the collective by not being able to cope with a certain level of power. The piece is inspired by the personal experience of the choreographer, re-located from Israel to Germany, living in the diaspora (GOLA) and so to say, left behind.


concept /choreography Reut Shemesh
dance /performance /creation Mathilda Cimera, Ayberk Esen, Freddy Houndekindo, Petr Hastik, Elia Kraus, Reut Shemesh, Karoline Strys
dramaturgy Daniel Rademacher & Simon Bauer 
scenography & Film Ronni Shendar 
composition Simon Bauer
photography Mona Kakanj
costume Andres Santiago Alvarez Rodriguez
graphics/layout Florian Egermann
illustration Shany Shemesh
financial dramaturgy Bela Bisom/transmissions
project management Sabina Stücker

length  | 50 min

GOLA is a production of Reut Shemesh Company coproduced by ASPHALT Festival Düsseldorf
Made possible by: City of Cologne | cultural department, Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture, and Sport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, RheinEnergieStiftung Culture. 
Supported by TanzFaktur Köln, Ehrenfeld Studios and iDAS NRW.

Previous & upcoming performances
30 May 2017 Showing of work in progress- tanzhaus NRW /Open studio iDAS nrw
15th July 2017 ASPHALT festival Düsseldorf
17th July 2017 ASPHALT festival Düsseldorf
7 October 2017 TanzFaktur Köln