Maybe I am just a messenger of social power. discovering, framing, reacting to those             voices around and in me, representing its effect on individuals bodies


Reut Shemesh studied dance and choreography at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem and then completed a Masters degree at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. Alongside her artistic work, she is teaching choreography in several institutes such as the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf and at the University of Cologne. Shemesh's artistic spectrum ranges from contemporary dance and choreography through experimental film to poetry. Her works were presented at national and international festivals and have been nominated for numerous awards. For her latest work LEVIAH, Shemesh received the Cologne Dance and Theater Prize 2016. The film LEVIAH was presented in 2017, among others, at the Oberhausen Short Film Festival and Art Cologne.


I was born in summer 1982 in Tel-Aviv (IL), grew up in a small town called Yavne. In my youth I regularly visited the local dance school and graduated from high school in dance. 

From 2000 to 2002 I served the mandatory military service at the IDF. 

In 2002 I joined the Academy for music and dance in Jerusalem. Afterwards, I took part in the program of the school Play where I was working together with the school director Ilanit Tadmor. Besides my work in Play, I began creating and working within the professional dance platform in Israel. In 2006 I created a piece in the working frame of Shades of dance in Suzanne Dellal and Machol Shalem. In 2007 I joined the choreography program in the dance academy ArtEZ (NL). In 2009 I graduated in the Dance Maker Course with a grant from the ARTD. After my studies, I moved to Amsterdam and worked as a dancer and a choreographer in the Dutch dance field. In September 2011 I moved from Amsterdam to Cologne.

Since then I have been presenting my work at Tanzhaus NRW, Dance Atelier Rotterdam, Suzanne Dellal Center Tel-Aviv, Summer Blot festival Cologne, Asphalt Festival Dusseldorf, Lantaern Theater Rotterdam, D-Q-E Cologne ,Loft Theater in Leipzig, International Exposure Israel, Korzo theatre den-hug, Tanz-nrw festival, city theatre Cologne, city theatre Groningen, TanzFaktur Cologne among other theatres and festivals. 

At the end of 2013, I created and presented THE VIRGIN'S VOICE and have been invited to open the tanz.tausch dance festival in Cologne and Loft theatre Leipzig and was nominated for the Cologne dance and theatre price 2014. 

In May 2014 I created the work  HELLVILLE for the dance academy ArtEZ (NL) and tour through the Netherlands

In Summer 2014, together with Overhead Project, we premiered the boy who cries wolf, as part of the Sommerblut festival, followed by a tour in Berlin, Tilburg De NWE Vorst, tanz.punkt Cologne and Tanz nrw, which was then again nominated for the Cologne dance theatre price 2014. 

In February 2015 I created the work WILWOOD FLOWERS. In September 2015 I visited  TheaterLab New-York for a residency followed by a series of performances. There I re-worked the piece with NY-based dancers. The piece was then adapted to an experimental film and has been screened in several festivals. 

Since 2015 I am a member of the network iDAS NRW

In November 2015 I joined the two-year German-African choreographers' exchange program Shifting Realities (2015-2017) initiated and programmed by tanzhaus nrw. 

At the end of November 2015, I presented my most recent work LEVIAH, a piece dealing with the issues of Israeli female soldiers. It premiered in TanzFaktur Cologne, Berlin and St. Gallen Grabenhalle (CH). The work will be presented at the festival Tanzplan Ost and tour through eastern Switzerland. 

For the last two years, I am attending the postgraduate program at the Academy for media arts in Cologne. This summer I will be graduating. 

In summer 2016 I will be collaborating again with overhead project, creating the piece BEFORE MORNING which will be premiered in upcoming July. 

On September 2nd, 2016 I will present and talk about my work at the International Dance Fair in Düsseldorf, initiated by iDAS NRW.

Alongside my studies and my creative work, I am teaching choreography in several institutes. For the last three years, I am working as a guest teacher at the H.H University Düsseldorf, in the department of Media and Cultural Studies. 

What an interesting choreographer NRW won by the relocation of Reut Shemesh from Amsterdam to the Rhineland’  

T. Linden Feb. 2014

Reut Shemesh is one of the most interesting young talents in recent years’ 

R. Weimann, Nov. 2012



During the yeas 2011-2015


(Diploma work) 2015-2016 (KHM project) Performance & short film 

Choreography and Text Reut Shemesh | Dance and Creation Hella Immler und Reut Shemesh | Music Simon Bauer | Light Video Photography Ronni Shendar | Costume Dario Mendez Acosta | Dramaturgy Daniel Rademacher | Management Sandra Jasper


2015 (KHM project) Performance & Short film 

Choreography Reut Shemesh | Dance and creation Susanne Grau, Lisa Kirsch, Liane Loer, Marja Hirvonen, Julia Riera| Assistent Felix Zilles-Perels | Music Nico Stallmann | Masks Mona Kakanj | Dramaturgy Daniel Rademacher | Management Sandra Jasper | Scenography Elisa Balmaceda, Jose Flavio Noriega | Camera & Photography Ronni Shendar | Photography V. Kranak | NY performers Maya Orchin, Schuyler Whittemore, Varina Kranak, Jessica McCarthy


2014 (KHM project) Performance & trailer 

Choreography Reut Shemesh | Dance and Creation Tim Behren & Florian Patschovsky | Music Simon Bauer | Scenography Ronni Shendar | Film Ronni Shendar | Photography De Matthias | Photography Lazoo


2014 Performance

Choreography Reut Shemesh
Dance | Vivi Fabiano, Alessandro Coco, Francisco Pinho, Anna Sara Fierro, Sara Ceredi, Suzanne Lamers, Catia Lourenco, Lisen Pousette, Elisia Verdu’ Marcia’n, Sophie Mayeux, Julia Barrios, Maddy Bullard, Agnese Elena Arianna | Music| Simon Bauer


2013 (KHM project) Performance & short film
Choreography & Scenography Reut Shemesh | Dance and Creation Lisa Kirsch, Hannah Platzer, Ieva Navickaite | Music Simon Bauer | Camera Ronni Shendar | Editing Reut Shemesh


2013 Performance & short film 

Choreography & text Reut Shemesh | Dance and Creation Uzhva Fanya, Voskovich Svetlana, Martins Margarita, Galchinskaja Anna, Goldberg Dina , Bourykina Olga, Celik Esme, Lyidmila Milova | Music Roland Meyer De Voltaire | Scenography Reut Shemesh, Melanja Palitta | Film Melanja Palitta , Balans LaB & Reut Shemesh| Editing Melanja Palitta


2012 Performance and trailer 

Choreography Reut Shemesh | Dance and Creation Or Hakim, Laura Marios, Young Suk Lee, Nicolas Robillard | Music Nico Stallmann | Scenography Ronni Shendar | Film Ronni Shendar


2012 performance and trailer 

Choreography Reut Shemesh | Dance and Creation Antonio Stella & Reut Shemesh| Music Nico Stallmann | Scenography Anne Weyler | Picture in booklet A. Weyler | Camera Ronni Shendar | Editing Reut Shemesh


2011 performance

Choreography Reut Shemesh | Performance and Creation Susanne Grau, Lisa Kirsch, Susanne Eder, Marja Hirvonen | Music Nico Stallmann | Scenography Reut Shemesh | Portrait Anne Weyler | Picture in booklet Frank Dannhauer


2012 performance and trailer

Choreography Reut Shemesh | Performance and Creation Amit Marsino, Nir Veledniger, Gavriel Spitzer, Ziv Frenkel| Music Nico Stallmann | Scenography Reut Shemesh | Camera Vered Snear | Edit Reut Shemesh