Concept and Choreography- Or Hakim and Reut Shemesh

Video and Cutting- Idan Sasson

Performed by-Or hakim, Reut Shemesh,Kenzo Kusuda and Sylvain  Meret

4KiDo questions the kinds of touch in social frame on few aspects.Four people are trapped in a white room; the room contains a single number of furniture, for example a bed and a bath. The Room is used as an amusement park for the four people. They are playing,checking, shaking, pushing, touching, experiencing, causing pain and pleasure to the other bodies. They control and controlled by the others. Trying and experiencing with the help of the other bodies, invading the body of another, abandoning themselves to the public domain. At the same time they are looking for boundaries and intimacy. They are lost between the will to be used and the will to use the other. the social situation is given, therefore they all take an active part in the sexual experiment. Abuse and romance become blurred; the fourth finds themself at the point of no return, when all borders are losing their value.