My motivation to create dance




My motivation to discover creativity and dance with in the frame of choreography is immerging from the need of values. With in every working group there are certain values. They values stimulates in us the sense of importance and eventually the secret ingredient of satisfaction. I believe that art is a great method to enhance motivation and values.


The influence of the lieder artist on the working environment is decided.  The choreographer has the power to generate a creative environment, curiosity and motivation within the working group, and to offer values. An "important" process is being reflected at the dancer's bodies, and farther more on the audience experience. I wish to lead creative processes which based on intimacy and happiness.  


A symbiotic working relation is definitely a great way to make people greater in one way or another.  A valuable process enriches in us the perception of 'importance' and stimulates motivation. The scheme of choreography is a great way to make people less lonely and hopefully more fulfilled. Self-fulfilment makes people happier and happier people make other people happier. Other people happiness makes more people happy, and more people happy make happy children.


 I wish to use the scheme of choreography to sheer my interest in art, values and emotional depth which we all hold within us. I wish to invite people to an open world, where they can meet themselves, throw others people bodies and hopefully become less lonely, intellectually richer and greater in one way or another.