Reut Shemesh, born and raised in Israel, is working on the margins of contemporary dance, poetry and experimental film, research by her heritage and upbringing. She received her first degree from the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem (NL), as well as a postgraduate degree from the Kunsthochschule für Medien in Cologne (DE). Amongst others, she has exhibited and performed at tanzhaus nrw Dusseldorf, Jewish Museum Berlin, Kampnagel Hamburg, Tanzhaus Zürich, Suzanne Dellal Center Tel-Aviv, Theatre Lab NYC and Korzo Theater Den Haag. Shemesh has taught choreography at several academic institutions, including the Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf and Universität zu Köln. Her works have been presented at international festivals and have been nominated for numerous awards, she won the Cologne Dance and Theater Prize 2016 for her work LEVIAH. Her films were presented in 2017 at the Oberhausen Short Film Festival and Art Cologne. In April 2019 Shemesh created the work ATARA during the residency program at K3|Tanzplan Hamburg. The piece is invited for Tanzplattform Germany 2020. Her research project WITNESS has opened the Impulse Theatre Festival 2019 – the final work will be presented at tanzhaus nrw in 2021. Reut Shemesh is supported by Land NRW with Spitzenförderung 2021 – 2023. Currently, she lives and works in Cologne.

thanks to this brilliant performance a deep sad core of the carnival is suddenly conjured, of which our “school wisdom” had not dreamed off- Martin Krumbholz, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Jun 2019

Shemesh is not only a choreographer but is also well versed in experimental film and even poetry – which was clearly reflected in the language of the performance – Christian Oscar Gazsi Laki  Westdeutschland Zeitung, May 2019

‘Leviah is big, dark, brave, personal, but not private. Reut Shemesh is dealing with vulnerability without portraying the victim as small and powerless’ – M. Suchy TanzMagazine August 2016

‘What an interesting choreographer NRW won by the relocation of Reut Shemesh from Amsterdam to the Rhineland’  – T. Linden Feb. 2014

Hoffnungsträgerin» des Jahres 2019 ausgezeichnet/ promissing artist, tanz magazin 2019


During the yeas 20102018


2018 (Research project),
Recherche, Photography, concept: Reut Shemesh; Choreografie: Reut Shemesh in a collaboration with Ulla Gerling |Dance and Creation Constanze Fischer, Lisa Aydin, Laura Bremicker, Nina Bremicker, Isabell Flecken, Violetta Jantz, Jessica Bartsch, Hannah Lingnau, Eva Bergmann, Katharina Brink, Janina Gerdes, Nicole Rauh, Thuy Duong, Melanie Nguyen, Franca Mooren, Janina Schentek, Sabine Dittmaier | Music Simon Bauer | Dramaturgy Daniel Rademacher |  Management Sabina Stücker | Financial Bela Bisom

Made possible by“WITNESS“ is a project of tanzhaus nrw as part of the programme series Ceremony Now!, sponsored by Kunststiftung NRW, and as part of Take-off: Junger Tanz, sponsored by the Cultural Office of the City of Düsseldorf and the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia


2017  Performance
Choreography and Text Reut Shemesh | Dance and Creation Petr Hastik, Freddy Houndekindo, Reut Shemesh, Karoline Strys | Music Simon Bauer | Light sonography Photography Ronni Shendar | Costume Santiago Alvarez | Dramaturgy Daniel Rademacher | Design Florian Egermann | Management Sabina Stücker | Financial Bela Bisom
Made possible by  GOLA is| a production of Reut Shemesh Company coproduced by ASPHALT Festival Düsseldorf. Made possible by the City of Cologne | cultural department, Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture, and Sport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, RheinEnergieStiftung Culture. 
Supported by TanzFaktur Köln, Ehrenfeld Studios, and iDAS NRW.


2016  Performance
Production Overhead Project | Choreography and text Reut Shemesh Performance and creation Marion Dieterle & Florian Patschovsky | Music Timm Roller | Sonography Ronni Shedder | Costume & graphic: Julia Stefanovici


(Diploma work) 2015-2016 (KHM project) Performance & short film 

Choreography and Text Reut Shemesh | Dance and Creation Hella Immler und Reut Shemesh | Music Simon Bauer | Light Video Photography Ronni Shendar | Photography Sasa Huzjak| Costume Dario Mendez Acosta | Dramaturgy Daniel Rademacher | Management Sandra Jasper


2015 (KHM project) Performance & Short film 

Choreography Reut Shemesh | Dance and creation Susanne Grau, Lisa Kirsch, Liane Loer, Marja Hirvonen, Julia Riera| Assistant Felix Zilles-Perels | Music Nico Stallmann | Masks Mona Kakanj | Dramaturgy Daniel Rademacher | Management Sandra Jasper | Scenography Elisa Balmaceda, Jose Flavio Noriega | Camera & Photography Ronni Shendar | Photography V. Kranak | NY performers Maya Orchin, Schuyler Whittemore, Varina Kranak, Jessica McCarthy


2014 (KHM project) Performance & trailer 

Choreography Reut Shemesh | Dance and Creation Tim Behren & Florian Patschovsky | Music Simon Bauer | Scenography Ronni Shendar | Film Ronni Shendar | Photography De Matthias | Photography Lazoo


2014 Performance

Choreography Reut Shemesh
Dance | Vivi Fabiano, Alessandro Coco, Francisco Pinho, Anna Sara Fierro, Sara Ceredi, Suzanne Lamers, Catia Lourenco, Lisen Pousette, Elisia Verdu’ Marcia’n, Sophie Mayeux, Julia Barrios, Maddy Bullard, Agnese Elena Arianna | Music| Simon Bauer


2013 (KHM project) Performance & short film
Choreography & Scenography Reut Shemesh | Dance and Creation Lisa Kirsch, Hannah Platzer, Ieva Navickaite | Music Simon Bauer | Camera Ronni Shendar | Editing Reut Shemesh


2013 Performance & short film 

Choreography & text Reut Shemesh | Dance and Creation Uzhva Fanya, Voskovich Svetlana, Martins Margarita, Galchinskaja Anna, Goldberg Dina , Bourykina Olga, Celik Esme, Lyidmila Milova | Music Roland Meyer De Voltaire | Scenography Reut Shemesh, Melanja Palitta | Film Melanja Palitta , Balans LaB & Reut Shemesh| Editing Melanja Palitta


2012 Performance and trailer 

Choreography Reut Shemesh | Dance and Creation Or Hakim, Laura Marios, Young Suk Lee, Nicolas Robillard | Music Nico Stallmann | Scenography Ronni Shendar | Film Ronni Shendar


2012 performance and trailer 

Choreography Reut Shemesh | Dance and Creation Antonio Stella & Reut Shemesh| Music Nico Stallmann | Scenography Anne Weyler | Picture in booklet A. Weyler | Camera Ronni Shendar | Editing Reut Shemesh


2011 performance

Choreography Reut Shemesh | Performance and Creation Susanne Grau, Lisa Kirsch, Susanne Eder, Marja Hirvonen | Music Nico Stallmann | Scenography Reut Shemesh | Portrait Anne Weyler | Picture in booklet Frank Dannhauer


2012 performance and trailer

Choreography Reut Shemesh | Performance and Creation Amit Marsino, Nir Veledniger, Gavriel Spitzer, Ziv Frenkel| Music Nico Stallmann | Scenography Reut Shemesh | Camera Vered Snear | Edit Reut Shemesh 

Fuck Plastic man 

2011 performance and trailer
Choreography, text & dance  Reut Shemesh |Music- Nico Stallmann
Made possible by Dance Atelier Rotterdam (NL), One Nights Dance 2010


2010 performance & trailer 

choreography Reut Shemesh |assistant Choreography Or Hakim dancers Irene Cortina González, Merel Roozen, Or Hakim, Reut Shemesh, Roser Tutusaus, Stav Dror, Jurgen Jasper | music Meesha Marx, Thomas Koot, Ami Ben Shitrit, Pan Sonic, Nick Cave |  lyrics Aqua Original length: 20minutes| Trailer-

Photography © Shemesh / ATARA