JEWISH MUSEUM BERLIN /// 16.Nov. 2017 

Foto / Varina Kranak
Wildwood Flowers, created and choreographed by Reut Shemesh, is a gripping, edgy, and evocative movement piece.This piece, which premiered in Cologne earlier this year, has now been reimagined by Shemesh with New York performers, trying to capture the New York energy by exploring ideas of identity in multitude' Inna Tsyrlin StageBuddy Sep. 2015

Jewish Museum Berlin 

16.Nov. 2017 19:00 

Lindenstraße 9-14

D-10969 Berlin

res·o·nant  by Mischa Kuball

LEVIAH tanzhaus nrw  23.11.2017

Foto / Saša Huzjak
»Leviah« is big, dark, brave, personal, but not private. Reut Shemesh allows dance to handle the art of dealing with vulnerability without portraying the victim as small and powerless.'
M. Suchy, Aug. 2016, Tanz

Kölner Tanztheaterpreis 2016

23.11.2017, 20:00

tanzhaus nrw

Erkrather Straße 30

D-40233 Düsseldorf

tanz nrw 17

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