Before morning A production from Overhead Project in cooperation with Dossier 3-D-Poetry and Reut Shemesh


Premiere: 15th,16th. Juli 2016/ 20:00 

ehrenfeldstudios e.V., Wissmannstrasse 38,  50823 Cologne (DE)


Tickets under: buero@ehrenfeldstudios.de  Tel. 0221 - 846 395 80



Production: Overhead Project

Choreography and text: Reut Shemesh

Performance and creation: Marion Dieterle & Florian Patschovsky

Music: Timm Roller

Synography: Ronni Shendar

Costume & graphic: Julia Stefanovici

Management/P+O: mechtild tellmann kulturmanagement


Made possible: Kunststiftung NRW, Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport

co-produced by  ehrenfeldstudios e.V. 


BEFORE MORNING is a duo of a man and a woman, a choreography for physical intimacy, about the relation of two, about the desire to see each other, about a failed attempt to resolve loneliness, about them and about me, about the wish to reach intimacy, and about the fear of losing. 

come to me in your greatest poverty. come out of your darkest room and look at me, wearing your name only, so i can see the void in your existing body. stand up in the middle of the room. you will probably fall apart quietly and yet not quite enough. Hopefully I will not hate you in that very moment. the moment you will instills your sorrow within me.(Reut Shemesh)