Upcoming project ATARA 

A research about the female Jewish orthodox identity, by looking at embodied repetitive rituals, their social manifestation, their effect on gender roles in regard to my personal biography. Throughout the process of incorporating such rituals in contemporary practice,  and using different working strategies such as re-enactment photography, and interviews. The research will take place during the residency at K3 tanzplan Hamburg, co-produced by tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf.

Upcoming DATES

Next season’s choreographer in residence at K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg

29. Juni-8.Juli 2018 / LEVIAH the Film – FORUM KUNST contemporary, ART SPACE Stift, Millstatt, Österreich

30. August 2018 / International tanzmesse – Open Studio at tanzhaus nrw

23.& 24. Oktober 2018 / Theatrelab New York/NY USA guest performance LEVIAH

27.Oktober 2018 / LEVIAH | Perfom(d)ance, Brasov, Rumänien

29. November & 01.December 2018 / Clipa Theatre Tel Aviv, Israel guest performance LEVIAH

2.nd of December – LEVIAH the film- Machol Shalem festival- Barbor Galerry Jerusalem

6.02 K3 Tanzplan Hamburg Probebühne Eins – first glimpse at the upcoming research ATARA(WT)

ATARA premiere 4,5,6th April 2019 K3, tanzplan Hamburg at Kampnagel Hamburg.  

Images from the research project WITNESS

Ähnliches Foto

Photography © Shemesh / WITNESS