Reut Shemesh is searching for dancers based and/or working in New York for a three-week rehearsal process and three final performances at Theaterlab (357 W 36th St., between 8th & 9th Ave). Reut Shemesh will deliver an exciting piece and present it at the end of September. The piece ‘wildwood flowers‘ is a long evening piece for six dancers. The work peeks into the life of six characters. Throughout the piece, the six masked characters reveal and hide themselves as well as each other. During the act of revealing themselves, the characters seems quite different from their first impression. Themes such as sexual identity and self definition are presented and embodied. We are looking for six professional contemporary dancers, movers, performers with great physical skills and full awareness of their own presence on stage. We are searching for a diverse age range and gender. We are open for movers and performers with contemporary dance education with great moving and dancing potential. We are also open to street dancers and performance artists and those with contemporary theater education. We are searching for curious people who wish to explore new movement language and their own physical extremities. We seek those who embrace a physical challenge.

The rehearsal period will start 7th September and runs 3 weeks.                             Performances dates: Either September 23rd, 24th & 25th or 24th, 25th & 26th       Address: Theaterlab | 357 W 36th St., 3rd Floor | betw. 8th & 9th Ave.

THE VIRGIN'S VOICE                                          

11th Jun - Köln / Kunst salon

Brühler Str. 11-13, 50968 Köln- 20:00

13th Jun- Aachen / Lothringair Street festival

Lothringerstraße 23 52062 Aachen- 16:00

14th Jun- Schauspiel Köln im DEPOT / Birlikte Kulrtufest
Geb. 442 / Eingang 1.6 Schanzenstr. 6-20  51063 Köln-11:30

DOG OF MAN we , animals — transference
18 & 19 Jun - MEINBLAU Projektraum - Berlin 

Christinenstraße 18/19, 10119 Berlin- 20:

The performance man of dog is a trio for two female dancers and a dog.The piece is testing and questioning the control relationship between a dog and a human.

Who is actually holds the leash , the human or the dog? The performance is presented by Reut Shemesh and Hella Immler and Dounia Tinelli.


TANZKLEID Julia Stefanovici /Reut Shemesh 
21. Jun-  Orangerie Theater im Volksgarte- Köln 

Volksgartenstraße 25, 50677 Köln- 20:00
Tanz stößt auf Architektur. DAS Tanzkleid ist ein ca. 5 Meter hohes Seidenobjekt. Konzipiert um von einer Tänzerin getragen zu werden.  Wie beeinflusst DAS Kleid den Tanz?  Durch 22 Ballons bekommt es auftrieb und weist durch sein Material, einer sehr dünnen aber festverwebten Blousonseide, einen hohen Luftwiderstand bei sehr geringen Gewicht auf


FR 17 ǀ 04 - DÜSSELDORF / tanzhaus nrw

18.30 Uhr  14 / 11 EUR

SA 25 ǀ 04 - BONN / theaterimballsaal

21.00 Uhr / 15 / 9 EUR

 WILDWOOD FLOWERS    it's kind of strange but.... sometimes I just want to be you   

The performance will take place at the Academy for media and art in Cologne, on

20th 21st & 22nd February at 20:00 p.m,

Studio B | Filzengraben 2/2a 50676 Köln

For tickets reservation:

Choreography Reut Shemesh | Dance and creation Susanne Grau, Lisa Kirsch, Liane Loer, Marja Hirvonen, Julia Riera| Assistant Felix Zilles-Perels | Composer Nico Stallmann | Masks Mona Kakanj | Dramaturgy Daniel Rademacher | Management Sandra Jasper | Photography Philipp Böll | Scenography Elisa Balmaceda, Jose Flavio Noriega | Film Ronni Shendar


We are happy to invite you to the performance of "the virgin's voice" in Tanzfaktur Cologne.

The performance will take place on 13th of December at 20:00

For the full program of the festival and ticket reservation please visit the following link:

   Let's Catch Tigers -screenings  
   07-November |Berlin  16 November | Cagliari - Sardinia


              AWARDS Cologne dance theater price 2014
THE VIRGIN'S VOICE & The boy who cries wolf

Workshop mit Reut Shemesh 
20.September von 11-16 Uhr

Dancers, artists and thinking people are welcome to join us.In this workshop we will deepen our physical and theatrical capabilities through improvisation tasks. We will  research and comprehend the relation between the body, the composition and the other performers. With guidelines relating to physical qualities, imagination and theatrical narrative we will experience and indulge a creative process. A process in which we will be making decisions referring to the relation between the body, the movement motivation and the composition as a complete unity.

20.September von 11-16 Uhr
Tanzatelier 0.11, Quartier am Hafen
Teilnahmegebühr: 30 € pro Person
for registration please contact
Quartier am Hafen, 


 10,11 September 2014 in Alte Feuerwache Koeln 
For tickets reservation :

Pic/ Alessandro de Mathias


We are happy to invite you to the performance of "the virgin's voice" in Lofft theater Leipzig. 
The performance will take place on 19th of Jun at 20:00 in the opening event of tanz.tausch dan
ce and performance festival.
For the full program of the festival and ticket reservation please visit the following link:

Pic/ Philipp Boel 
 ArtEZ Production 
The performances will take place on the following dates:   
12th Jun 13:30 LuxTheater /  Nijmegen
                      14th Jun 20:30 Havenwerk Festival open air theater Vondel park / Deventer          21st Jun 20:30 Korzo Theater /Den Haaag 
Choreography Reut Shemesh
Dance  Vivi Fabiano, Alessandro Coco, Francisco Pinho, Anna Sara Fierro, Sara Ceredi, Suzanne Lamers, Catia Lourenco, Lisen Pousette, Elisia Verdu’ Marcia’n, Sophie Mayeux, Julia Barrios, Maddy Bullard, Agnese Elena Arianna, 
Music  Simon Bauer 

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